Flying Blind Is No Way to Secure Your OT Network

A recent SANs survey polled more than 200 security professionals from energy and utilities, oil and gas, and manufacturing organizations. Less than 5% of those in operational technology (OT) roles[...]

Triton Unwrapped; Indegy Labs Analysis

In December 2017 a sophisticated ICS attack known as “Triton” had been published. This attack manipulated the Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers which supported the safety[...]

Filtering the Facts on VPNFilter

Just recently an attack known as VPNFilter hit the news. One of the locations affected by VPNFilter was a chlorine plant known as “Aul Chlorotransfer Station” in the Dnipropetrovsk region in[...]

The Insider Threat in OT Infrastructure

It was only a matter of time before what befell the Information Technology (IT) community was going to affect the Operational Technology (OT) community. Today, the OT C-suite is saddled with a[...]

Mind the Gap - a Road to IT/OT Alignment

Modern day industrial operations often span complex IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) infrastructures. In a very standard environment, thousands of devices exist and are[...]

Looking to Improve your ICS Security Strategy? Try Active Monitoring

It sounds obvious and has been said before, but without clear visibility into your ICS assets and the various communications occurring on the network, it's impossible to detect and mitigate[...]