Advanced Persistent Threat Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Attempts to reach Industrial Control Systems and compromise physical processes

On October 20th, 2017, the US-CERT issued a technical alert (TA17-293A) on advanced persistent threat activity[...]

Anomaly and Breach Detection Empowers Cybersecurity Efforts

A guest post by Sid Snitkin, VP Cybersecurity Services, ARC Advisory Group

 As discussed in a recent ARC Market Analysis Report, anomaly and breach detection is one of the hottest markets in[...]

Indegy’s Take on Gartner’s Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017


Gartner recently published the “ Market Guide for Operational Technology Security ”.

One of the report’s key takeaways is that translating IT security practices and copying IT security[...]

The Intelligence Cycle: Security Information in Motion

By Carlos F. Lerma. Senior Information Security Architect, Beam Suntory Inc.

Several years ago, I decided to take a course on Strategic Intelligence Systems in order to solidify my ever-growing[...]

About the ICS-CERT Annual ICS Summary Report 2016

In case you missed the report, ICS-CERT just released their Annual 2016 Industrial Control Systems Assessment Summary Report. Leveraging NIST SP-800-53 Categories, the Report tallies up weaknesses[...]

What the New Executive Order Really Means for Critical Infrastructure

In fulfillment of one of his campaign trail promises, President Trump signed off on a new a Cybersecurity Executive Order that places Critical Infrastructures, such as power grids, water and oil[...]