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The Impact of Spectre and Meltdown on Industrial and Critical Infrastructure

Spectre and Meltdown are two newly discovered vulnerabilities that affect hardware running in the majority of the world’s computing devices. Chances are, every netizen has an affected device[...]

About the ICS-CERT Annual ICS Summary Report 2016

In case you missed the report, ICS-CERT just released their Annual 2016 Industrial Control Systems Assessment Summary Report. Leveraging NIST SP-800-53 Categories, the Report tallies up weaknesses[...]

A Tale Of Two Giants

The IT/OT convergence that is propelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution has opened up a can of worms in terms of risks to IT enterprises and industrial control systems, and those risks are being[...]

Building a Successful Industrial Security Strategy in a Converging IT/OT World

There has been quite a lot of buzz the past few years around Information Technology and Operations Technology (IT/OT) security convergence and its impact on both IT and OT.