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Flying Blind Is No Way to Secure Your OT Network

A recent SANs survey polled more than 200 security professionals from energy and utilities, oil and gas, and manufacturing organizations. Less than 5% of those in operational technology (OT) roles[...]

What the Vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric Tools Mean for ICS Security

On May 2nd, there was an announcement of disclosed vulnerabilities in two applications widely used by manufacturers and power plant operators that may provide hackers with a foothold in America’s[...]

US: Russian Government Hackers are Targeting America's Critical Infrastructure Sectors

 The recently updated report by  the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US CERT) uncovers new information and interesting revelations regarding the advanced persistent threat (APT)[...]

Why Food & Beverage Companies Should Crack Down on Cyber Threats to ICS

When we buy groceries at the supermarket, most of us check the ingredients and expiration dates of packaged goods.

But how can we be sure that the products we bring home are safe to eat and drink?

10 Industrial Cyber Security Influencers Offer Expert Insights for 2018

The digital transformation of the industrial sector, known as Industry 4.0, has brought with it a host of new cyber security challenges that previously didn't exist in the sector.

Securing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Against Cyber Threats

Pharmaceutical companies are a primary target of cyber attacks. After all, formulas of new drugs are highly valuable.